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Our platform aims at acheiving 100% satisfuction for both the influencer and Advertisers.We work round the clock to ensure the platform runs smoothly and Influencers are rewarded on time.As our user-base continues to grow quickly,we add more ways for our influncers to earn more

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Unique ways to make money as influencers

Our team works round the clock to come up with unique and easy ways for our users to make more money everyday.Every part of Influencer Cash from the monetization methods to Support are optimized for quality.Our exceptional Earning methods guarantee influencers of a steady income.

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Social Submissions

We help influencers increasing their income with social submissions.We try to include as many social media networks as possible

Easy to use

We have a simple UI and really easy ways to make money as an influencer we try as much as possible to esure anyone is able to work with our website.

24/7 Support

Our main priority is support we try as much as possible to respond to all issues and improve our website as often as possible any queries just contact us

Timely Payments

All payments are send on the dates due we ensure everyone is paid to avoid issues for our influencers if your paymnents are late please contact support.

Reward Center

We have added a reward center you can get more than just payments but things like iphones,macbooks,apple watches and more.


Easiest way to make money with our site is through task wall complete easy tasks and get paid as much as $30 per task.

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